The Harbour Club

The Grand Harbour is renowned to be one of the most stunning harbours around the world. Used as the base for the Order of Saint John for 268 years, from 1530 to 1798 and by the Phoenicians between 700 BC and 500 BC, this natural harbour continues to mesmerise thousands of people experiencing it from land or sea. The feelings the Grand Harbour brings have been inspiring for The Harbour Club, and have driven us to develop a restaurant that rewards our diners with a holistic experience that influences all our senses. Our team works hard to provide our diners with a combination of high quality food and wine and an exceptional level of service. Our ability to provide this experience in a carefully converted warehouse that was built by the 64th Grand Master of the Order of Malta in 1712, gives our diners a unique dining experience. Indoors, one may enjoy a cosy interior, decorated elegantly with a recycled deck of an American ship. On the terrace, the stunning view of the Grand Harbour as you enjoy a glass of wine and one of our exquisite dishes, will remain memorable. Whilst we pride ourselves on using seasonal and local ingredients, the style of food at The Harbour Club is Mediterranean with a French influence.

Getting There

4/5 Barrierra Wharf, Liesse Hill, Valletta